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Aqualung Apeks Premier Service Centre
Sea & Sea Diving Equipment at Dive Manchester
Beaver Sports Diving Equipment at Dive Manchester
Atomic Aquatics Diving Equipment at Dive Manchester
StahlSac premium bags at Dive Manchester
Bare Dive scuba equipment and suits at Dive Manchester
DiveRite Scuba Dive Equipment at Dive Manchester
Miflex Hoses at Dive Manchester
KUBI Dryglove System at Dive Manchester
Thermalution Heating System at Dive Manchester
Ratio Dive Computers at Dive Manchester
Hollis Scuba Dive Equipment at Dive Manchester
Oceanic Diving Equipment at Dive Manchester
Sharkskin suits at Dive Manchester
Otter Drysuits at Dive Manchester
SDI (Scuba Diving International) at Dive Manchester
Technical Diving International (TDI) at Dive Manchester

Welcome to Dive Manchester!

It is located just 5 minutes from Heaton Park tram station. Dive Manchester is a new Scuba Diving shop and a Scuba Diving training centre. We provide good quality products that we are proud to recommend. Instructors are all very well experienced. They have certified over 1400 students all over the world. If you have any questions about Scuba Diving, Equipment, Training, Diving Destinations, and anything about Scuba Diving, this is the place to come for information. As well as other technology, Scuba Diving is also progressing day by day. Keep updating your knowledge. It will do good for your safety and for your FUN! After all, Diving is FUN!




Learn to Scuba Dive in Manchester.

What is your interest?

There are so many types of diving.

Do you like wrecks?

Do you like small marine creatures? Or Big Fish?

Finding your interests is the key to have more FUN! Diving is all about having FUN, you see!

Let us help you to find out your interests. We are here to assist you to enjoy your diving even more!

Learn to Scuba Dive in Manchester
First Aid CPR AED Training in Manchester with Dive Manchester

FirstAid/CPR/AED Training ファーストエイド・トレーニング

Creating Confidence to Care

In everyday life, you do not normally face life-threatening incidents, but what if you happen to be there? 

Many places now have AED installed. Do you know how to use it?

This training provide you good knowledge and application for the emergency situations.


EFR First Aid CPR Training in Manchester.

Dive Manchester / ダイブ・マンチェスター

Come Visit Us. We have great coffee for you. 

357 Bury Old Road, Prestwich

Manchester , M25 1PY

(5 min walk from Heaton Park Tram Station)

   Opening Hour

Mon   11:30am - 5pm

Tue  10:30am - 5pm
Wed  10:30am - 5pm

Thu  10:30am - 5pm

Fri  10:30am - 4pm

Sat 9:30am - 4pm

Sun - Closed for Diving!

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