Cylinder Services

Our cylinder testing is carried out by independently trained IDEST technicians to standards set by the HSE. 

The Dive Manchester testing facility is periodically inspected by IDEST engineers to make sure and adhere to the methods and statements laid out in our documentation. Our Engineers have also been trained and are periodically assessed for the competence. Please feel free to ask to see each engineers certification and the centre documentation.

* It normally takes 1 week to 10 days. 

* Deposit Payment will be upfront. 

* If any additional parts needed, it will be informed and added to the service charge.

* When equipment is not collected within one year after the completion of the service, it will be disposed. If any troubles with collection, please kindly contact Dive Manchester.


Hydro test with Valve test  £46
Hydro test, Valve test, O2 clean  £60
Visual test with Valve test  £43
Visual test, Valve test, O2 clean  £58 
O2 clean only  £36
Internal Shot Blast  £35
Work Required after Contaminated Fill  £30
Cylinder Valve Service (only)  £20 
Strip & Rebuild Twin Set for Cylinder Service  £10 
Manifold Service  £20
Twins & Manifold Visual Test  £100
Twins & Manifold Hydro Test  £110
Twins & Manifold O2 Clean & Visual Test  £125
Twins & Manifold O2 Clean & Hydro Test   £135
Twins & Manifold O2 Clean Only


Failing Cylinder/Valve