DM Club

Do you already have diving certificate? Are you looking for some chances to go diving? 

DM Club will be perfect for you!

The theme of DM Club is "Diving is FUN!! Keep Diving!!" Do you like to have fun? Do you like Scuba Diving? Join us today!!

DM Club will organise Club Diving Weekend nearly every week in local dive site such as Capernwrey or Eccleston Delph, all year round, even in snow!! Since the Club started in May 2017, we have been diving every single weekend except a couple of weekends when Club Members could not move their cars out from their garage because of the snow and ice. Yes! DM Club is a Scuba Diving Club that actually go out diving every week!

We also have Diving Trips organised.

For example...

2017 - Malta, Farne Island

2018 - 2 trips to Egypt, Eyemouth, Maldives, Malta, St. Abbs, 2 trips to Farne Island, etc.

2019 - 2 trips to Egypt, St. Abbs, Malta, Philippine, 2 trips to Farne Island, etc.


More trips are coming!!


DM Club Member will have...

1) Membership Card

2) 24 Air Fills (230 bar / 7-15L cylinder)

3) Free Pool Entry for Monday & Wednesday Pool Session

4) 10% off (or even more!) from RRP

5) Access to FB secret group, "DM Club Members" for information

6) Priority for DM Club Trips and complementaries 

7) Free Air Fills for DM Club Weekly Dive in local sites

8) DM Club Gathering Event

9) and MORE!! 


Membership Fee

Single Member:  £75/year

Additional Family Member: £60/year 

For more information, please contact Dive Manchester.