DM Club Philippines Trip 2023

DM Club Special Trip 2023 will be Philippines!!

DM Club Philippines 2023 trip is now ready for booking.
9 nights in Puerto Galera with 16 dives (minor change may happen)
£2895pp (first booking deposit £600)
13/11/23 Manchester to Doha (for different airport, please speak to Anne)
14/11/23 Doha to Manila
15/11/23 Manila to Puerto Galera
- 9 Nights Full Board
- 8 days diving (20 day dives & 6 night dives)
- Verde Island Trip
- Massage Session
- Unlimited Wifi
24/11/23 Return to Manila
25/11/23 Manila to Doha
25/11/23 Doha to Manchester
Philippines 2023 with Dive Manchester
Top 5 Dive Site of Puerto Galera
1) The Drop off at Verde Island
The Drop Off at Verde Island is not just the number 1 dive in Puerto Galera but must be classed as one of the best in Asia. The Pinnacle breaks the surface before dropping down to three hundred meters. It can have very strong currents which brings in fish by the bucket load. You can see large tuna and snapper mixed in with massive schools of wide mouth mackerel, Chub and the neon colored blue streak fusiliers. The population of anthais is so thick that you struggle to see the reef in places. You can see banded sea snakes, hawksbill turtles and warty frogfish. There are some massive sea fans and barrel sponges that can dwarf scuba divers. With a spectacular ecosystem existing here also look out for large pelagic species in the blue.
2) Canyons
Canyons have been listed in the 50 top dives in the world. Best visited with a decent incoming tide, it can be a jaw dropping experience. There are 3 separate canyons the deepest one at 27 meters. You can see schools of jacks, Spanish mackerel and batfish. The delicate soft corals that cover the reef are beautiful soft pinks, purples and orange in color. The large sea fans quiver as the currents rush through them with pygmy seahorses clinging on for dear life. Hiding from current are oriental sweetlips, scorpion fish and moray eels. As you get to the last canyon there is an old anchor embedded into the reef, look out in the blue for spotted eagle rays and tuna before heading up for your safety stop.
3) The Alma Jane wreck
The Alma Jane Wreck was sunk in 2003 and has become one of the best dives in Puerto Galera. This artificial reef is down at thirty meters and is encrusted with some great coral growth. There is a resident school of a hundred or so batfish that are always facing into the current. Around the prop shaft you see large snappers. You can explore inside the wreck very easily, look out for banded sea snakes living in the celling. There are some large lion and scorpion fish. There is a high chance that you will see a few giant frog fish.
4) The Giant Clams
The Giant Clams are one of the best muck diving locations in the Philippines. If you would like to see mimic octopus, thorny seahorses, ornate ghost pipe fish, Dragon sea moths, Hairy frogfish, wunderpus, harlequin shrimp, blue ring octopus and the flamboyant cuttlefish then you will have to visit this magical macro playground.
5) Kilima Steps
Kilima Steps creeps in at number 5, we chose this site not only because of its beautiful stepped topography but this is place where you can see the majestic thresher shark. If the sharks don’t show up then you can still find the Palate surgeonfish otherwise known as Dori from Finding Nemo. You can discover many tropical reef fish and a number of nudibranch species.
Happy Diving!!