Recreational Diving Courses - Let's keep diving


If you are already an Open Water Diver, let's make a plan to keep going forward. The following courses will give you lots more opportunities to go diving in the world. 


Advanced Open Water Diver Course  -->  £260

This certificate is to give you more opportunities and selections of diving experiences. You will have 5 different type of dives. Two of them are mandatory;  Underwater Navigation and Deep. Other three will be selected according to your interests. The course will take 2 days.


Specialty Courses

It is to deepen your knowledge and skills of your interests. Here are some examples.

Drysuit SP  £150
Deep SP -- will allow you to dive max. 40m deep   £215
Deep SP & Enriched Air SP Combi  £310
Enriched Air SP  £150
Wreck SP   £200
Search & Recovery SP  £220
Underwater Navigation SP  £200
Peak Performance Buoyancy SP  £150
Digital Underwater Photography SP  £150
Night Dive SP  £200

EFR Course -->  £125

Rescue Diver Course --> £330

Rescue Diver & EFR Course  -->  £430


Divemaster Course  -->  £550 including DM Manuals (About equipment hire, please contact us)