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DM Club Event Calendar 2021

Year 2020 was a "void" year. Let's forget about it and make 2021 be a super fun year together!

Yes, we are diving every weekend. On top of our regular weekend diving, here are some event/trip schedules;

DM Club Trip 2020 Farne Island / Dive Manchester


January -  New Year Diving!

February -  Red Sea Liveaboard "Deep South"

March -  NDAC Weekend Diving

April -  Stoney Cove Deep Dive

May -  Eyemouth Deep Dive Weekend

June -  Maldives Liveaboard "Best of the Maldives"

July -  "Tough Mudder" Manchester, Malta Recreational Dive Trip

August -  St. Abbs Weekend Diving, DM Club BBQ Party

September -  Farne Island Seal Diving Weekend, Malta Tech Diving Week

October -  Eyemouth Deep Diving Weekend, Halloween Costume Party

November -  Indonesia Passport to Paradise

December -  Christmas Bingo Party


DM Club welcomes all levels of divers, from beginners to professional levels, Recreational divers & Tech divers

DM Club is very active not only for diving but social events. Also Members will receive air fills, discounts on courses/purchases/equipment hire, etc.

Don't forget. You will always find dive buddies among Club Members.

DM Club Members receive all the event information first. Spare spaces will be open to DM Club Friends. 

Club Membership - £75/year 

Membership fee will support us to organise DM Club and its activity. This Club is all supported by Club Members. Join us. Be a part of this Diving Family.

For more information about DM Club, please contact Dive Manchester.

Do you like to have fun? Join us!! You won't regret! 

DM Club Scuba Sunday DM Club Halloween Party