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Venture Heat Heated Vest

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Worn and loved by our instructors here at Dive Manchester the Brand New Venture Heat heated vest is finally here!!


Venture Heat Pro heated suit

• Wetsuit and drysuit compatible
• 100% Waterproof system
• 3 Level temperature controller settings with built in receiver
• 2 Heating Zone (Front and Back)
• Li-Ion Battery - 2 pieces
• Battery duration 90 - 360 minutes
• Rechargeable Wireless remote controller
• Size extender with zipper

We would say that the Vests come out a little larger in size. So if your normally a Medium Large go for the Medium etc.

Designed for recreational divers, technical diving, commercial diving, oceanography, cave divers, lake divin

Designed for wetsuits, featuring front and back heating with 2 battery compatibility for double the runtime

Controllable with wrist remote, with on-vest and on-remote haptic feedback for low visibility touch-control

Exclusive underwater remote control haptic feedback system allows you to easily control your suit's temperature even when it's layered under other bulky protective gear.
The wrist remote control is 100% waterproof and designed to be worn outside of your gear, directly exposed to the water. And yes, your suit can be turned on/off with the wrist remote.
All vest models are 100% waterproof to 100 meters.

100% Waterproof Heating

The Vest utilizes our exclusive saltwater-safe carbon nanofiber heating technology in our improved butterfly shape for better heating coverage.
Items will be ready for dispatch in 3-6 working days.