Recreational/Tech Skill Up Lesson

Once you are certified, you don't really have chance to get a professional advice for your diving unless you take another Specialty Course.

Even for Specialty Courses, if you don't keep diving after completing the courses, you will lose the skill levels unfortunately.

Recreational / Tech Diving Skill Up Lesson is for divers who like to practice skills once again to improve the skills learned before. Skills that many divers like to improve are like Buoyancy, Frog Kicks, Back Fins, Helicopter Turns, Lining, Lift Bags, SMB, etc. Divers have already practiced during the lesson dives in the past. This lesson let you brush up the skills once again.

Practice makes skills permanent. In other words, if you are practicing wrong way, the bad habit will become permanent. You want to practice your skills in good way. Once you get bad habits, it will take lot more effort to get them right.


Skill Up Lesson in Pool - £50  ...  Monday or Wednesday

Skill Up Lesson in Open Water - £95

Skill Up Lesson Pool & Open Water - £120 


Skills from all levels: Recreational, Technical, Rebreather

If any questions, please feel free to contact Dive Manchester.