Diving Trip to Japan ~ 日本でスキューバダイビング

Many people think Japan is not a big country. Wrong! Just because Japan is surrounded by mega huge countries such as China, Russia, and USA on the other end of the Pacific Ocean, Japan looks small on the map. When you carefully compare the size of the nation, you will be surprised how big Japan is and how LONG the islands are stretching from north to south.


If you go up to Hokkaido Island in the middle of winter, you will find a chance to do Ice Diving; making a hole on ice in the lake and dip in or diving between the icebergs on the sea. (Well, it does not appeal me at all though...)

If you go down south to Okinawa Islands, that is tropical water diving among coral reefs with Turtles, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Hammer Heads, etc.


Japan is a beautiful country with beautiful nature and very rich history. I would love to introduce my home country to my dear divers. Well, when will that be? Just give me a time. I will organize something very interesting; good mixture of great diving and beautiful historical sites. Let`s see!