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The Scap

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1.5mm neoprene provides the thermal protection you need without the chin strap you hate. Exhale with confidence. Don't be a bubble head. Air goes up.  Your hood should not.  Engineered for diving, The SCAP exhausts automatically. Rubberized grip zone ensures an easy giant stride & ties to a perfect custom fit. Dress like a diver.  

The SCAP was designed by a scuba diver for divers and all water sport adventurers. Bathing caps have existed for a long time. The need to tame wild hair in the water is quickly understood once you dive in. Whether it's holding hair back to prevent a leaking mask, or keeping hair out of your eyes on a surf board. Maintaining proper vision is mission critical. The SCAP provides the solution by taming your hair and allowing your focus to remain where it should...Enjoying the water.

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