Tecline R5 Tec1 Regulator Package

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The set consists of:

- 1st stage R5 TEC

- 2nd stage TEC1

- 2nd stage TEC1 OCTO

- SPG 63 mm

- Hoses:

LP 0,70m Proflex black*

LP 0,90m Proflex yellow*

HP 0,80m rubber black

- tecline bag


TecLine / SCUBATECH Sp. z o.o. grants a 10-years warranty to the first TecLine Regulator’s owner.

The warranty is valid 10 years from the purchase date – only under the following conditions:

  1. The regulator was purchased from an Authorised TECLINE / SCUBATECH Dealer (please keep your receipt or invoice to assure that the warranty remains valid),
  2. The regulator (1st and/or 2nd stage is registered in the TECLINE SUPPORT system,
  3. The owner of the regulator is marked in the warranty card,
  4. Maintenance service must be performed at least once a year,
  5. The maintenance service must be performed according to the oficial procedures by an Authorized TecLine Technician certified by TecLine / SCUBATECH,