Seac F1S Sling Strap Fins

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Robust foot pocket, square profile and reinforced edges. All this is surprising if we consider an ultra-light fin like the Seac F1S which, in just 730 gr.
The Seac F1S features a blade designed to minimize the effort and release an unprecedented thrust in such a light fin. The Ultra Flex technopolymer joins the rigid sections of the blade to guarantee flexibility, ease of return of the fin and therefore less effort.

The addition of the "S" differentiates them from the previous Seac F1 sisters and indicates the new Sling Strap system with heel support that facilitates the fit and improves comfort. The soft, but resistant elastic band, makes the ankle work easier and the heel piece (robust, wide and colour matching the blade holds firmly fin and relieves pressure on tendons.

The foot-pocket has been designed with a combination of technopolymer and thermoplastic elastomer to stabilize the fit and has a practical non-slip sole with raised rubber profiles.
Colours: Black, Blue, Yellow, White/Pink, White/Blue Clear


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