Seac Ajna Mask & Fast Tech Dry Snorkel Package

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Seac Ajna Mask & Fast Tech Dry Snorkel Package.


Ajna Mask

Seac Ajna is a single lens diving mask manufactured with frameless technology. This technology places the lens closer to the eyes, increasing the field of view.

The lens inclination avoids any possible image distortion.

Seac Ajna mask is characterized by a fluid and discreet design. Frame and skirt, both in 100% silicone, merge into a continuous line. The result is a mask that is as comfortable as it is beautiful on every face.

Thanks to the shape of its skirt, the Ajna mask fits perfectly on both adults and younger divers' faces.

The 3D swivel buckles are resistant and comfortable, allowing quick adjustments even with thick neoprene gloves.


Fast Tech Dry Snorkel

  • Seac Fast Dry snorkel has an ergonomic silicone mouthpiece that helps you to keep your jaws relaxed
  • A dry top system helps prevent water from entering from the top of the snorkel
  • This dry snorkel for adults also has a purge valve that allows you to expel any water
  • Seac Fast Dry snorkel is available in 7 colours (2 of them with a black polycarbonate body)
  • Useful clip to connect it to the scuba diving mask
Complete your scuba diving set with Seac Fast Dry, the full dry snorkel with ergonomic silicone mouthpiece, dry top system and purge valve. The dry top system helps prevent water from entering the top of the snorkel. You can also find a purge valve at the base of the snorkel. 
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