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Scuba Force Xpedition Drysuits Made to Measure

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In cooperation with our material supplier Fothergill Polycom, we have developed a dry suit that sets new standards.

Fothergill's latest innovative TYGATEX® material combines two of the most critical factors for a dry suit: agility and durability. The polyester-feeling rip-stop nylon meets all the essential requirements for dry suits. Easy tightening; great texture and excellent movement.

In addition, the production and assembly process of XPEDITION sets new standards. Most important is the new SCUBA FORCE Double Seal Technology. In a technique developed by SCUBA FORCE, all seams are double-sealed.

Based on our decades of experience with sealed Aquasure seams, we combine this proven technology with an additional hot-melt tape. This particular tape is produced by a German company that supplies products for the automotive industry. Again, flexibility and abrasion resistance is the decisive vital factors here.


  • Choose overlay color without surcharge
  • Select boat and boat size without surcharge
  • Select latex cuff size at no extra charge
  • Telescopic torso with suspenders and waist
  • adjustment system
  • SiTech inlet and exhaust valves
  • Integrated knee and leg protection
  • Large volume leg pocket


OPS - Overlay Protection System

The XPEDITION features the Overlay Protection System - OPS. The OPS protect the suit in exposed areas (shoulders, back, arms). We offer the OPS in two different materials, Kevlar and Cordura. This allows the XPEDITION to be customized. Kevlar is available in two designs - classic and triangular.

The Cordura is available in the following 8 colors: Black, red, blue, olive, camouflage, pink, orange, yellow


Integrated XBP Bellows Pockets

The basic configuration of the XPEDITION provides two XBP bellows pockets. These large-volume suit pockets provide the diver with a secure space to store equipment. A reinforcement rod in the outer pocket cover assures easy location and open and close, even when wearing thick gloves. Integrated bungee loops allow you to attach your equipment and guarantee that everything stays within reach. Additional internal pockets offer even more storage room and separation for necessary equipment such as wetnotes.


Additional Features

  • Latex seals
  • Neoprene and silicone seals (SITECH) at an additional cost
  • High Performance inlet and exhaust valves
  • Integrated knee and leg protection
  • Suspender system
  • Integrated waist adjust system
  • Great warm neck collar
  • Crotch strap
  • Dynat metal zipper

Perfect fit with many sizes

The fit makes all the difference. For years we have worked on perfecting our cut for drysuits. The result: perfectly fitting suits for men and women!
Equipped with a diagonal front zipper in combination with a telescopic torso. This combination makes it possible to put on and take off the suit alone. The XPEDITION is available in seven sizes for women and fifteen sizes for men. We also offer a customized version (CM version).

Items will be ready for collection/dispatch in 8-10 weeks.

When the order is placed, we will contact you for your measurement.

Please contact Dive Manchester for more details.