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S/S Pointer Stick with Noise Maker

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Scubas Diving Stick: This pointer stick is suitable for using touches unknown creatures to protect yourself, making noise to attract the attention of surrounding people when you are in risky.
Firm and Durable: Rod is made of stainless steel material, lightweight, anti-deform, durable and corrosion-resistant in salt water. Therefore, it is very convenience and practical, easy to grasp!
Adjustable: Coming with adjustable rubber wrist strap for adjustment to the best comfort, easily to hook and carry. You can keep it around your wrist for preventing lost, or slip them in pocket.
Measurement More Simple: Scubas pointer stick with 20cm scale measuring on the stick, you can measure the length of fishes, rock, and do more measurement under the water easily.
Versatile Use: Helping you move across the ocean floor and good for diving beginners or professionals, great accessories for scubas diving, snorkeling, and underwaters exploration sports.


Material: Stainless Steel
Color: White, Black
Package Weight: approx.60g
Length: approx.30cm/11.81in