Optx StickTite Stick-On Reading Lenses

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Removable hydro-adhesive bifocal presbyopia lenses for ordinary spectacles and sports spectacles, graduated sports spectacles.

FROM CLASSIC TO BIFOCAL EYEWEAR - turn your glasses into bifocal spectacles with our presbyopic hydro-adhesive lenses.

NEW ADHESION TECHNOLOGY - Our instant hydro-adhesive bifocal lenses adhere perfectly to your glasses, even under water. As there are no glues or adhesives, you can move them to other glasses whenever you want.

EASY APPLICATION - In a few moments, the glasses will become bifocal spectacles. To apply the lenses, simply remove them from the packaging, place a drop of water on the lens of the glasses and apply them directly to the inside of the glasses.

FOR EVERY OCCASION - If you are a sporty type and want to turn your sunglasses into graduated sports glasses StickTite is the solution! Perfect for sunglasses, diving goggles, Motocross goggles or cycling goggles - in short, suitable for any outdoor activity!

DIOPTERS AND DIMENSIONS- To ensure correct vision, we have developed our hydro-adhesive presbyopic lenses in 6 different diopters. Available from a minimum of +1.25 to a maximum of +3.00. The bifocals are semicircular in shape and measure 28 mm by 14 mm.

QUALITY - Our hydro-adhesive lenses have all CE certifications guaranteeing their quality and the hydro-adhesive lens material is patented.

TEST LENSES - If you're on the fence about buying expensive bifocal glasses, try StickTite to see if it's right for you.

WHAT DO I GET? - You will receive innovative packaging for the safety and protection of the lenses themselves. Inside you will find a pair of lenses and fitting instructions.


How To Apply Sticktite Lenses

Correct fitting and positioning are important to get the most out of Sticktite lenses.

Fitting is simple, you just need a little patience and perseverance.

Follow the instructions and you'll be done in five minutes!

1. Wash your hands
Wash your hands with soap to avoid leaving fingerprints.

2. Clean the lens of the goggle or mask thoroughly before application
Before fitting the lenses clean the glasses, or the mask, with a lens cleaning solution or a microfibre cloth to remove dust and fingerprints.

3. Place a drop of water on the lens of the glasses or mask
Apply a few drops of water to the lenses of your glasses.
Wetting the lenses allows you to slide and adjust the positioning of StickTite.

4. Attach lenses to glasses
Place the Sticktite on the drop of water, in the position shown in the picture (horizontal, on the bottom of the lens or on more than one drop of water).
If bubbles form, press with your thumb and move the StickTite lens in a small circular motion until all bubbles are removed.

5. Now the wet Sticktite can be moved to the desired area

The lenses should be positioned close to the nose, centred directly under the pupils.
Adjust and try the lenses as needed by sliding them with your thumb.
Once the desired position is reached, use a soft cloth to lightly press the Sticktite lens to remove excess water.
Wait 15 minutes for the lenses to dry completely and adhere to the glasses.

6. Remove excess water
Then, with a soft, lint-free cloth, lightly press the stick to remove excess water.
Wait 15 minutes for the lenses to dry completely and adhere to the glasses.

7. Repeat the same procedure with the second Sticktite