OMS Performance Double Wing System 60lbs

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The Performance Double wings are a classical donut-style but perfectly measured to fit a standard double tank configuration and to be no longer nor wider when the wing is empty.  This allows air to pass easily from one side to the other for a perfect streamline, trim and buoyancy control.  It has a single inflator with the corrugated hose connected with a non dumpable elbow connector attached in the top rear middle position. The dump and overpressure valve is located behind the left hip. The wings have two bladders, the outside bladder with a TPU laminated liner inside to avoid punctures, tears or deterioration from salt water or chlorine.  The second inner bladder is ultra sonic welded.  The outer bladder has a YKK Large teeth zipper for easy opening and closing and long lasting durability.  The grommets are reinforced with a second ring of material to eliminate potential weak points for wear or tear. These wings come in 45lbs (20kg), 60lb (27kg) and multiple colors.


lift capaciiy: 45 lbs ~ 20 kg, 60 lbs ~ 27,1 kg
Color: Black, Grey / black, Lava orange / black, Lizard green / black, Miami blue / black, Pink / black, Red, Red / black
Material: Cordura


Item will be ready for collection/dispatch in 5-6 working days.