Oceanic Cyanea Mask

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One of our favourite masks here at Dive Manchester. Especially the clear pink mask!!

The Oceanic Cyanea Mask is a unique design mask that has been extremely popular from all levels of diver with their 'ski goggle' mask strap. The ultra soft silicone skirt has been feathered with stability ridges for a comfortable fit.

Ski Goggle Strap has been taken from ski goggles for a care-free, easy strap that spreads the tension evenly. The mask strap has an integrated snorkel keeper to attach your snorkel without the need to thread the strap through a clip. The elasticated webbing strap allows for trouble free buckles and secure adjustment for a comfortable fit. The mask strap itself is a UV & chlorine resistant elastic ski-goggle style strap provides secure fit and comfort.

Super Soft Skirt is made from ultra clear silicone for a skirt that will fit most faces and reduce the mask impression on your face after a dive. The skirt has a double feathered seal creating a large seal over your face and stability ridges to reduce the chances of the skirt deforming and water entering your mask.

Superior Ultra-Clear optical lenses add extra clarity to your dive with incredibly smooth glass lenses. The mask's shape delivers a wide field of vision so you can see your computer easily with added peripheral vision all around .

Micro Frame Construction reduces internal volume and therefore effects of squeeze and eases purging a flooded mask.