McNett Gear Aid Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo

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McNett Gear Aid Revivex Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo, Cleaner & Conditioner with Chlorine Remover, a scientifically balanced maintenance system for all neoprene and Watersports gear. Leaves neoprene articles free of organic residue, chlorine and salt deposits. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Regular cleaning with Wet & Dry Suit Shampoo prevents chlorine and salt damage and keeps suits looking and feeling like new. STEP 1: Find two clean large containers – one for washing and one for deodorizing. Fill both containers with enough warm or cold water to submerge your suit. To the first container, add 2 capfuls (15 ml) of Wet & Dry Suit Shampoo per 4 litres of water. For extra suit conditioning, add a few teaspoons of Silicone Pump in with your Wet & Dry Suit Shampoo when washing your suit. STEP 2: Give your suit a good scrub to eliminate saltwater, chlorine, sweat, urine and other residue. Regular cleaning, maintains suit suppleness, keeps colours bright and eases suit entry. STEP 3: To remove residual odours and bacterial from your wet suit, add 2 capfuls (15 ml) of MiraZyme™ Enzyme Based 4Gear Deodorizer to the second container. For stubborn odours, apply MiraZyme directly to problem areas with a spray bottle. STEP 4: Dip suit to saturate all areas. Remove from container. DO NOT rinse.