Fourthelement Ladies RF1 Vest

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The RF vest is designed to be worn with the RF1 freedive suit for additional warmth. The vest pulls over the top of the suit without impinging mobility, adding a 3mm hood and additional 3mm of thermal protection to the body core for cooler waters or longer dives. The Glideskin outer panel help you move easily through the water. This vest features ear holes for ease of equalizing quickly and effectively. The holes let in a small amount of air to stop the hood squeezing into the ear as the pressure builds. The design features multiple holes to cover as many ear positions as possible.


  • Created for recreational freediving
  • Streamline cut for optimum glide and fit
  • 3mm thickness optimising comfort and warmth
  • Designed for simple donning and doffing
  • Air vent holes at ears
  • Glued and blindstiched throughout
  • Glideskin hood and shoulder panels