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Dive Rite EX35 Expedition Canister Light

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Utilizing the latest LED technology, pushbutton control and a high efficiency head design, the EX35 boasts an impressive 4300 lumen output in a sleek and compact package.

The all new light head was designed from the ground up for maximum heat dissipation. The red anodised aluminium head efficiently removes head allowing the Cree XHP35 HI LED to be driven at 35 watts while increasing service life and output. The CNC machined black Delrin outer cover adds a unique visual contrast and rugged protection for the heat sink fins.

The small foot print, single die LED combined with a smooth reflector produces a tight 6 degree beam angle ideal for punching through the dark or signalling a buddy, while still providing a wide halo of light around the hotspot to illuminate the space around you. The airline approved 150Wh expedition battery canister provides 3.5 hours of burn time at max power, while maintaining a low profile design.

The EX35 Primary Canister Light is operated using a magnetic push button on the head which eliminates the failure points associated with toggle or piezoelectric switches. A simple user interface allows the diver to easily switch between five power modes on the fly to match diving conditions.

Power Mode

Lumen Output

 Burn Time

100% 4300 Lumens

3.5 hours

50%  2150 Lumens

7 hours

25% 1075 Lumens

14 hours

5% 215 Lumens

70 hours

1% 43 Lumens

350+ hours


4300 Lumens

35 Hours


A right goodman Handmount with locking QRM comes standard with the EX35 Primary Canister Light. The Goodman Handmount allows for quick removal of the light from the diver's hand.

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