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Dive Rite Classic Safety Cavern Reel

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The Classic Safety/Cavern Reel  is one of the most versatile length reels in our line. With its 140-feet of line, it is the perfect reel for cavern divers and their limited penetration. As a cavern diver progresses into cave training the Classic Safety Reel can act as a jump or safety reel. Wreck divers have also adopted the Classic Safety reel as the perfect reel for shooting lift bags or marker buoys.

The Classic Safety Reel is available with 140 feet of braided #24 line in either white(RE4100) or orange(RE4120). It is also available with 90 feet of heavier braided #36 white line (RE4110).

The traditional design of the Classic Safety Reel is easy to use. A top mounted handle allows divers to easily hold the reel and a light in one hand while winding the reel with the other. An ergonomic T-top stainless lockdown screw positively locks the free spinning spool in place when needed, and a retaining screw ensures that the lockdown screw cannot back out all the way and be lost.

A medium sized bolt snap is used to secure the Classic Safety Reel to a D-ring on the diver.