Cressi Aquawing Plus Full Package

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This Package includes : Aquawing Plus, MC9 SC / Compact Pro Regulator & Octopus, DIGI pressure gauge.


Aquawing plus is the one-size donut jacket designed to adapt to all anatomies (male and female) using the new patented mas (mas (modular adjustment system): in fact, the single 50 mm belt that embraces the shoulders and waist can be rapidly adjusted to your size. The shape of the air bladder has been designed to ensure perfect buoyancy with a monocylinder. The anodised light alloy back plate reduces the overall weight of the jacket while guaranteeing stability and safety in use. The special cylinder rest in thermoplastic rubber integrated with the back of the jacket guarantees the positioning of the tank for optimum trim. The shoulder straps and back cover are made with an air-net material to enhance comfort and improve water drainage. The jacket is equipped with two weight pockets attached directly to the back plate in correspondence with your flanks. The back cover is equipped with a special pocket designed to house the decompression buoy


MC9SC/Compact Pro Regulators

In order to achieve extremely high performance in low temperature environments, the second stage in particular was designed with the special thermoconductive thermoplastic neopolymer that has the capacity to transfer heat like a metal while preserving the design flexibility, chemical resistance, and physical and mechanical properties of a conventional thermoplastic. That is, it makes it possible to drastically reduce the weight while delivering heat conductivity on a par with metal cases. Thanks to this material and a specially conceived purge valve, it passes en 250 cold water tests



This very precise console is easy to use even in the most difficult conditions