Bigblue VL65000P LED Video Light

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Bigblue VL65000P video underwater light. 65,000 Lm. Ultra-power in underwater lighting.

The Bigblue LED diving light VL65000P for underwater video, is the most powerful diving lamp ever made! Its luminous intensity is 65,000 Lumens in white light.

The power of such a LED underwater diving light is achieved by a 72x LED XML panel that deliver the 65,000 Lumens of this ultra-powerful LED lamp. The color temperature is a cold white 6500 ° K with a lighting angle of 160 ° in the air.

The VL65000P also features 20x red XPE LEDs for photo focusing and night diving.

To allow such underwater video lighting, Big Blue has integrated two battery pack (2x BATCELL60000) to give it a range of 1.5 hours at full power and up to 15h.

4x power levels are possible thanks to its two push buttons: 65 000 Lumens / 32500 Lumens / 16250 Lumens / 6500 Lumens

A 110 / 220V auto charger is provided and it will be necessary to charge each battery pack separately.

Accessories are provided as a waterproof suitcase and handle

The Bigblue VL60000P is an underwater dive LED light that you can buy at the best price at


  • Very high intensity dive underwater light Bigblue VL65000P
  • Lighting intensity: from 65,000 Lumens to 6,500 Lumens per panel of 72x LED XML and red LEDs 20x XPE
  • Beam angle: 160 °
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery: 2x BATCELL60000 Li-ion battery pack
  • 110 / 220V automatic charger provided
  • Four levels of light intensity by magnetic push button: 65,000 Lm (Level IV) 32500 Lm (Level III), 16250 Lm (Level II) and 6500 Lm (Level I)
  • Autonomy: 1.5h (level IV), 3h (level III), 6h (level II) and 15h (Level I)
  • Body: black anodized marine aluminum
  • Optics: tempered glass
  • Electronic thermal protection system
  • Life of LEDS: 50,000 Hours
  • Color temperature: 6500 ° K
  • Sealing: double o-ring
  • Max depth of use tested: 100m
  • Supplied with "Goodman" handle (see photo), "ball" Ø25mm support, strap and waterproof case
  • Dimensions: diameter 63mm x 135mm long
  • Mass in the air with batteries: 3766gr
  • Mass in water with batteries: -1107gr



  • 1x Bigblue VL65000P High Intensity Diving Lighthouse
  • 2x BATCELL60000 battery pack
  • 1x automatic charger 110 / 220V
  • 1x "free hand" glove
  • 1x ball Ø25mm
  • 1x waterproof storage bag
  • 1x thong
  • 1x silicone grease kit


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