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Best Divers Python Torch

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PYTHON is an innovative rechargeable underwater illuminator/torch, ideal for any use.

Successive activation of the switch cycles through three power levels; from 100% to 50% and 30%.

A fourth activation of the SWITCH activates a 10 Hz flash to signal an emergency.

Furthermore, keeping the switch pressed for about four seconds activates the flashing signal on the back of the torch.

PYTHON torch body: polycarbonate,
reflector: aluminium,
front ring: anodised aluminium,
lens: tempered glass,
depth: 120 m,
lumens: 1500,
led: LUMINUS SST40, 15 W,
beam: 9°,
batteries: 1x 21700 Li-Ion 3.7 V 4000 mAh (included),
autonomy: 145 min at 100%,
magnetic lock switch,
external charge with magnetic connection
Dimensions: 42 x 170mm