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Best Divers Cobra Pure Torch

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COBRA pure is an innovative rechargeable underwater illuminator/torch, ideal for any use.

Three torches (Python, Cobra, Cobra pure), one concept: ergonomics.
We concentrated on the study of a handle with a 26° inclination that would allow the beam to be aimed with minimum effort, while maintaining the natural inclination of the wrist. But we didn’t stop there: by moving the switch to the lower part of the head we achieved maximum practicality and comfort. The charging system has also been completely revised and modified: an innovative magnetic connection system allows external charging. The lithium-ion battery will give you up to 500 charging cycles. An important addition has been made for safety: a pressure relief valve has been built into the back of the torch. This valve ensures that the inside of the torch never goes into overpressure.

COBRA pure
Designed for the most extreme freedivers, the PURE version has been programmed to turn on and stay on by holding down the switch. It will switch off when the switch is released. No other options.

COBRA pure
torch body: polycarbonate
reflector: aluminium
front ring: anodised aluminium
lens: tempered glass
depth: 120 m
lumen: 1500
led: LUMINUS SST40, 15 W
beam angle: 9°
batteries: 1x 21700 Li-Ion 3.7 V 4000 mAh (included)
autonomy: 145 min at 100%, magnetic switch with lock
recharge: external with magnetic connection
measurements: Ø 42×170 mm