Beaver Spectrum LED Strobe Light

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The iconic Beaver Spectrum Strobe Light updated and improved, used extensively in SCUBA Diving and a large variety of other sports where a reliable and powerful LED Flashing Strobe Light is required. Compact flashing LED strobe light. Requires 3 X AA Batteries, rechargeable versions may also be used if desired. Supplied with a fully adjustable heavy duty Velcro strap to enable positioning in a convenient location, such as attached to the shoulder area of a Divers BCD. Used to maintain contact in dark or limited light conditions to both be seen and maintain contact between groups. RoHS Compliant, Waterproof to 60 Metres - Uses 3 X AA Batteries, Burn Time = 72 Hours +, Intensity = 0.75 Candela - 430 cd/M2, Flash Rate = 1 - 1.5 Flashes Per Second, Visibilty = Approximately 3 Kms. COLOUR Black, also available in Orange. Weighs 103 Grammes without batteries.