Beaver Single Pressure Gauge

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Clear and concise compact and lightweight contents gauge, frequently referred to as an SPG or Submersible Pressure Gauge. One piece brass body contains a copper Beryllium spiral wound coil Bourdon tube contained within an extremely strong polycarbonate transparent window.

48mm face diameter with an external diameter of 63mm and 25mm in depth and weighs only 276 Grams complete with hose and housing.

The gauge itself has a Standard 7/16” UNF hose attachment and is supplied complete with a 80cm/32 inch high pressure hose with a 7/16” UNF male thread for connection to all types of standard SCUBA diving regulator first stages, including a swivel at the gauge end.

Full scale display reads 400 Bar, allowing for safe and reliable use with cylinders up to a Working pressure of 300 Bar. Crystal clear uncluttered display which becomes luminous in the dark provides quick and easy reading of cylinder pressure.

Both the gauge and hose are manufactured in Italy in compliance with European Standard EN 250.

High quality gauge cover with attachment loop provides great protection against knocks and abrasion, ensuring your gauge will give many years of reliable service.