Beaver Single Outlet Cross Flow Cylinder Valve

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232 Bar XFlow Cylinder Valve M25X2 EN-144-1 Thread

Super high quality single cylinder pillar valve with M25x2 thread with EN-144-3 outlet fitting for 232 Bar DIN or A-Clamp regulators. Suitable for use with all SCUBA Diving cylinders manufactured to European PED Standard EN-144. Can be used either with INT/A-Clamp type or DIN G5/8” regulator 1st Stages. Supplied as standard with extra-long valve handle which ensures ease of use even when wearing the thickest types of diving gloves. All parts are Nitrox compatible with Viton O-Rings etc. the cylinder valve will require cleaning for Nitrox use in an O2 clean environment before used with Oxygen enriched gas. Beaver supply service kits for this ultra-reliable and rugged tank valve for use during routine servicing, please see our part number CVSK. Probably Europe’s most widely used and highly rated dive cylinder valve, these have provided many years’ service to thousands of divers and are the only type trusted by many military and commercial divers.

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CV S 144