Aqualung Impulse Dry Snorkel

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A dry version of the world's best-selling scuba diving snorkel, the redesigned Impulse Dry has a forward-facing valve, which allows it to close quicker than any other dry dive snorkel. We've updated it with a barrel shape for better streamlining and a push-button connector for attaching to your mask strap.

  • Fast Valve ResponseOur patented Impulse Dry valve faces forward so that it closes faster. This prevents water from entering and eliminates the need to clear it. 
  • High PerformanceThe excellent performance of the hydrodynamic new barrel and improved valve design have been validated through extensive ANSTI testing.
  • Self-DrainingEasily switch from scuba back to snorkel: the self-draining purge valve prevents water entry.
  • Easily Connects to MaskPush-button, two-piece connector allows you to easily attach and remove the snorkel from your mask strap. 
  • Eliminates Jaw FatigueOur patented Comfo-Bite mouthpiece does not necessitate clenching your teeth, reducing fatigue, even after hours of adventure. Mouthpieces are replaceable.
  • Easily Switch to RegulatorThe flex section allows for easy positioning and will drop away when not in use.