Aqualung Pro HD Compact

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Tired of paying excess baggage fees? This ultra-light, weight-integrated, back-inflation BCD is everything you need without extra weight or bulk. Lift it and feel for yourself that even a ML/LG weighs less than 4.75lb/2.2kg with airway and weight pockets included! Can be packed flat or rolled. The perfect BCD for travel.


Extremely lightweightSize ML/LG weighs less than 2.2kg (4.75 lbs)Great packability – flat or rolledWeight integration features the SureLock™ II (patented) mechanical lock and release system. The weight pockets align themselves, so just insert the pocket until it “clicks”. A simple, single pull of the release is all it takes to jettison the weights in an emergencyInnovative tank support system eliminates the need for a hard packLower tank band aligns with waist bandA valve strap pulls the top of the cylinder in towards the center of gravity transferring the load to the hips and relieving the shouldersAdjustable chest strapThe two buckles ride on a rail system allowing the strap to be raised, lowered or removedProprietary flat valves mean less bulk (patented)Fold-down, easy-access pocketFeatures 6 D-rings to attach accessoriesIncludes attachment grommets for knifeRight shoulder pull dumpLower right pull dumpSculpted padded shouldersPadded spine and lumbar supportOptional non-ditch weight pockets that mount on the tank band can be purchased separatelyOther options include the Air Source, Squeeze Lock knife and reflector kit