Apeks Pressure & Depth Gauge

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All our gauges are in bar unless specified when ordering.


Apeks instruments supply clear and accurate information on your dive status. Our instruments are tested beyond normal dive limits to ensure they provide this precise information for all your dive experiences. Strong, easy to maintain housings provide years of trouble free service. You can be assured of the quality/finish of all your Apeks equipment. Our gauges and gauge consoles are designed and finished at our UK factory ensuring that every aspect reflects our commitment to quality. The gauges are stylish and fit perfectly with other products in the Apeks range, such as our world famous regulators.

Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG) + Depth Gauge:
• See SPG details above
• Dials have a long phosphorescent effect for better reading in poor visibility conditions
• There are 2 attachment areas integrated into the design for position flexibility
• This may be a compact design but the displays are vivid and clear - perfect for diving. For example, the depth gauge spreads the first half of the scale and in total shows a range down to 230 feet
• Depth gauge has resettable max depth indicator
• Made with high shock-resistant windows, which is a must for divers