Apeks AutoDump Valve

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The Apeks Low Profile Automatic Dump Valve is the industry standard due to its reliability and ease of use. Venting expanding air from a drysuit is a big safety concern, without precise control a rapid ascent can easily happen with possibly left threatening consequences. The Apeks Automatic Dump Valve is designed to be mounted on the shoulder of a drysuit as this is typically the highest point of the suit at all times. The gas release tension can be adjusted so that as you make an ascent you remain neutrally buoyant with not effort. For this to work you need to spend some time finding the right tension to provide neutral buoyancy without venting gas. Many divers just dive with the valve fully open and a couple of clicks back to provide the highest rate of flow available. If necessary the valve can be fully closed allowing no air to escape, if you require to dump gas simply press on the top of the valve to vent.

Apeks Automatic Dump Valve features:

  • Extremely low profile
  • Fully adjustable for automatic dumping
  • Manually vent by pressing body