DM Club Trip Calendar 2020

DM Club Trip Maldives 2018

We have started planing DM Club Trip 2020.

Here are some Trips that are confirmed;

February Red Sea, part 1 "Get Wrecked incl. Rosalie Moller"
March NDAC
April St. Abbs
June Maldives "Best of Maldives"
July Anglesey 
August St. Abbs, Anglesey
September Farne Island (Seal Diving), Malta Tech Week
October Eyemouth (Deep Dive)
November Red Sea, part 2 "Deep South"
December Christmas Diving


If you are interested, please contact Dive Manchester for DM Club Membership.

DM Club is an active diving club. We are always diving. Our Diving Trip will be open to None Members ONLY when we have spare spaces. We also have some social events. 

Do you wish to have fun? Come and Join us!

Liveaboard Trip with Dive Manchester