DM Club Malta Trip 2023 "Notte Bianca"

Malta Trip in October for all levels.
Flights can be booked either EasyJet or Ryanair at the moment.
Approx cost...
Flight : £360 - £420 (at the moment, depending on how many suits case you want to take)
Accommodation: £290-£380 (I'm holding an apartment at the moment)
Diving : 10 dive pack €400 + boat fee (if required) + additional dive fee (if you want more!)
Food : As you wish 😃
Last night of the stay, Sat 7th of Oct, is "Notte Bianca" in Valletta.
Very interesting cultural event; music, food, arts, etc.
Lovely event to enjoy the Maltese culture.
If any questions, please speak to Anne.
It'll be FUN!!
DM Club Malta Trip 2023 "Notte Bianca"