Honeymoon Diving Package

If you are brides and grooms to be, congratulations!! You must be excited to organise your special day and special honeymoon.

Dive Manchester is here to help you organise your special trip.

You are not divers yet? That is not a problem. Let us offer you a special package.

Great thing about scuba diving is that you always need a buddy. It's a perfect activity for wedding couples.

As a Blue O Two trip agent partner, Dive Manchester can help you organise your honeymoon with Scuba Diving. 

Book your Honeymoon with Dive Manchester, Get the Special Offer for Wedding Couples!! 

"2 for 1" Open Water Diver Referral Course!

With this course, you will complete your Knowledge Development (Class room) and Confined Water Skill Development (Pool Sessions) before your Honeymoon, and you will complete your Open Water Diving Lessons in your Honeymoon Destinations.

Add another special memory to your special event!

Destinations are all Tropical Heavenly locations such as Maldives, Palau, Fiji, Indonesia, French Polynesia, etc.

For more information, please contact Dive Manchester