Thermalution Compact Dive Suit & Gloves Complete Set

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These combinations include v2 batteries suitable for operating two Thermalution products

Thermalution Compact Dive

Crafted with the same ingenuity that brought you the Thermalution Surf Series; the Thermalution Compact Dive Seriews will show you a dive you will never forget. 

The Thermalution Compact Dive Series will provide you an unparalleled blanket of comfort. Easy to use, wired waterproof controller allows you to adjust the three temperature setings during your dive, providing a comfortable temperature watever the situation. 

Depth rated to 70metres.

Thermalution Heated Glove Stystem

Thermalution Heated Glove System is compact design, comfort-fit, control friendly, and 100m depth rating for waterproof.