Ratio iDive Easy Sport Computer

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Ratio iDive Easy has brilliant functions and beautiful look with Air, Nitrox, Free-Diving, and Gauge mode. USB Rechargeable Li-ion battery & Transmitter compatible. It even has compass. Everything is well designed for diver's convenience. Different colours are available. 



Dive Mide:   Air/Nitrox/Gauge/Freedive

Mix:    2 Mix (O2, 21-99%)

Deco Model:  Buhlmann ZHL-16B

Algorithm Adjustment:    6 user settable protection levels

Repetitive Dives Management:   yes

Gas Switch and Gas Break:        yes

PO2:          1.2-1.6

CNS Calculation:       Yes

Altitude Adjustment:  Automatic

Water Type:      Salt/Fresh

Deep Stop:      yes

Safety Stop Adjustment:     yes, time and depth

Dive Planner:   No Deco Limit + Deco Planner