Dive Rite

Dive Rite Sideway Slide Lock Safety Reel

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Available in 2 line lengths.  

43mtrs / 140 ft OR

75mtrs / 250ft


North Florida cave diver, Woody Jasper, first invented sidewinder-style reels around 1980. Less likely to entangle than other reels on the market, Woody’s original reel was made of aluminum and a PVC spool. The side-handle style of the reel lent itself to exploration because it could easily switch from hand to hand while laying out line. Our Sidewinder series of reels are designed to be anti-jam by using precision machine tolerances between the frame and the spool making it nearly impossible for the line to slip between the spool and the handle. The Sidewinder Cavern/Safety Reel is available with 140-feet of #24 braid line (RE52140) with a medium stainless bolt snap.


  • DuPont Fiber braided line
  • Injection molded polycarbonate spool
  • Marine grade stainless steel axle
  • Aircraft grade hardcoated aluminum frame
  • Marine grade stainless steel double end snap
  • Made in USA

RE50400 – Cave Sidewinder Primary Reel

  • 400 ft (121.9 m) #24 braided line
  • 220 lbs breaking strength

RE50250 – Wreck Sidewinder Primary Reel

  • 250 ft (76.2 m) #36 braided line
  • 350 lbs breaking strength

Weight: 0.38kg