Beaver 200ml container Aquabond B

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200ml Container Aquabond B

TIVOFIX – 200ml container of Two Part High Strength Contact Adhesive Accelerator for a perfect and long lasting bond of neoprene, hypalon, rubber & many other materials used to produce Drysuits, Inflatable Boats etc. This is the Accelerator ingredient of Two Parts which are mixed together and intended for use by Professionals’ either during product manufacturing or carrying out regular repairs. To be mixed thoroughly with Two Part Adhesive - Our Product Code GLUE TP, which is sold separately, in a 25 parts Adhesive to 1 part Accelerator, the mixture should then be applied twice to each surface following the instructions provided. This product contains Toluene, it is only to be used in industrial applications where safety standards are maintained to meet current legislation. For personal use, please see our alternative product BOND – Aquabond, which is toluene free and supplied together as a kit for individual use.

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