Atomic X1 Blade Fin

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The Atomic X1 BladeFins have been designed to be the perfect all-rounder, maximising kicking power regardless of whether you are using for general purpose diving, technical diving or something more extreme.

The shorter and stiffer blade and reinforcing structure makes turning and pivoting easier, allows for better manoeuvrability in tight spaces and ideal for alternative kick styles including helicopter, scissors, frog-kick and more.

The X1 Fins feature Atomic's EZ-LOK Buckle System which makes getting fin straps and buckles on and off a lot easier. The X1 fins are fitted with a adjustable rubber strap as standard but the Atomic Spring Strap make an excellent upgrade option, further improving the fins comfort and feel in the water.

The X1 foot pocket has been carefully tailored towards coldwater and extended diving by creating a taller foot pocket design. The increased height allows for better accommodation of large boots and drysuit boots without creating the problem of stuck fins after the dive.

“The best analogy I can think of is that this fin is like a high-end Audi Sport RS6. Driving around town it’s like any other family estate car with good economy, but when you put your foot down you’re into supercar performance with supercar consumption.”

That was the opinion of Nigel Wade, DIVER - Britain's Best-Selling Diving Magazine (October 2016 issue). To see what else he said read his full of the Atomic X1 Fin.