Aqualung Pressure, Compass & Depth Gauge Console

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Aqua Lung gauges may be compact design but the displays are vivid and clear - perfect for diving. For example the depth gauge spreads the first half of the scale and in total shows a range down to 70m. This gauge fulfils the requirements according to DIN EN 13319. Both the pressure and the depth gauges surpass the standards required, including those laid down for accuracy, and they are made with high shock-resistant windows.

The quality of Aqua Lung compass is high, as you would expect from Aqua Lung. But it is also unique. Have you ever wondered why one has to twist around the wrist to view the side sight window of normal compasses? We have, which is why we offer the Aqua Lung compass with 2 side sight windows so that divers can use this in either left hand or right hand configuration as a natural extension of the hand. The optimum angled view windows make the compass much more comfortable to use. Once you have used the compass in this way you will never be satisfied.


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