Apeks WTX-D60R Wing

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WTX-D60R Twin Cylinder Wing

The WTX-D twin cylinder wings are designed for twin set diving and perfectly complement the Apeks range of twin manifolds and the Tek3 regulators. Often referred to as donuts, the WTX-D wings are oval shaped air cells or bladders that are not permanently attached to a harness. Not only are these donut wings streamlined, but due to their shape being a continuous loop, they are very stable underwater. There is no dramatic shift of air from left to right. 

The WTX-D60R features a redundant system made up of two inner cells in one outer bag. Either cell is capable of generating 60lbs of lift when it is full. Dive with peace of mind knowing that you’re carrying a redundant system.

The Apeks twin cylinder wings are a smart design that allows a cylinder to nest deep inside them. These wings mate up nicely to the rest of the Apeks WTX collection of high quality harnesses, plates and accessories. They can be configured in multiple ways to match the type of diving that you do. As with the rest of the WTX collection, the wings are built from the finest quality materials. They are designed by Apeks and built in our own factory.

Style Inflator "K" Style w/ brass buttons

Airway 16" corrugated hose w/ simple elbow

Dump valves 1 Flat Valve - lower left

Harness Can be used w/ WTX or webbed harness

Weight System Optional SureLock II

Drains Central mesh panel + 2 grommet

Retractor option Yes

Tank Stabilizer Bars No

Exterior Material 1000D Armorshield Cordura

Inner bladder 22 mil (.022) thick black urethane

Zipper Heavy Duty YKK #10

Lift Capacity (lbs/N) WTX-D60R - 60 lbs

Max Cylinder Size 2 x 15L

Warranty Limited Lifetime