Apeks Nitrox Tek3 1st stage

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This Apeks Tek 3 1st Stage  is suitable for 100% Oxygen straight out of the box! Comes standard in M26 but can be converted to DIN when ordering.

Apeks Tek3 First stages are based on the extremely popular DS4 first stage, Tek3's have been designed to provide the perfect hose routing for twinset divers. Due to this, TEK3 regulators are available in right and left hand versions, identical in every way except that they are a mirror image of each other, allowing the high pressure hose to come from an outer most port to give a clean hose routing regardless of which post an SPG is attached to.

Apeks TEK3 first stages have three 3/8" UNF medium pressure ports making the bends in the hoses less tight reducing wear. A single high pressure 7/16" high pressure port is angled outwards reducing stress on the hose when a divers wing is fully inflated.

Excellent cold water performance is assured via a environmental dry kit, keeping out water and contaminates, allowing Tek3's to be used in the coldest climates.

The latest version of the TEK3 is made from forged brass rather than being machined from a bar of brass. This has allowed Apeks to further strengthen the first stage and to offer better port positioning.Modern styling with a highly polished chrome finish make Tek3 first stages stand out at the dive site.